Britzerland Like Icarus?

Writing for EFTA4UK, the former President of the EFTA Court warns the UK to avoid the hubris of Icarus (and Switzerland). #BetterBrexit

Would EFTA Say ‘No’ to the UK?

Critics of EFTA often claim that “EFTA doesn’t want us” or that Norway “will veto” any application from the UK. Such assertions are rarely challenged, but are they true?

Both sides of Brexit – A View from Oldham

As a Remainer the EU felt like a safe haven and a shelter, it represented hope in a volatile world. Leave felt like an act of self-harm. As a Leaver the EU looked indifferent, unrelenting and opaque.

Can we avoid a border in the Irish Sea without building one on the island of Ireland?

One of the most – if not the most – complex issues of Britain’s decision to leave the EU is the situation in Northern Ireland, which was thought to be settled when the Withdrawal Agreement was signed last year, but has since become a political issue again with the publication of the UK’s Internal Market Bill. This article explains why the situation is so complex and explores options for coming to a solution.

A Statement on EFTA4UK Legacy

EFTA4UK was formed to raise the profile of and provide information about the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and to make the case for rejoining it as an alternative to EU membership.